About Qunloon

Qunloon Ghana is a Chinese herbal company registered in Ghana since 2004, with a long term history in trading Chinese herbal medicines in China and the far east areas.


To renew healthy lifestyle and provide health care to our customers by delivering exceptional herbal products.


To be the giant in the African herbal industry, by providing unique herbal products to improve the health care of our clients.

Qunloon's Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring all our customers experience the best healthcare


Forging a strong unit with our agents and in-house team


Verifying that our products solve the problems of our customers


Guaranteeing the maintenance of high standards at all times

All our products have been licensed by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana

Qunloon's Countries Of Operation

P. Address: Box 15837, Tesano, Accra

Phone: +233 244 139 176

Phone: +233 204 139 176

Address: Carey & Johnson Streets

Phone: 0888 355 845

Phone: 0888 355 856

Address: 7A, TF Kuboye street, (via Alternative Route, Oniru, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0808 801 0042

Phone: 0811 148 1111


We have medicines tailored to treating men such as: HUICHUN CAPSULES & X & Y GRANULES.

We have medicines tailored to treating women such as ARABA BA ZHEN TABLETS.

We also have treatments for all genders, both young and old: ROMA CAPSULES. It is not only for the treatment of diseases, but also for prophylactic functions and effects of health care as well as improvement of immunity.

In some situations, we recommend couples take particular medications at the same time. E.g. in order to treat sterility, the man may take X & Y GRANULES while his wife takes ARABA BA ZHEN TABLETS. Such therapeutic treatments will be more effective in dealing with sterility.

As an importer, we hope to cooperate with our wholesale companies and agencies, hospitals and doctors. We bring health and blessedness to Ghana, we bring the best products to the market.

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